Sip & Sail Pte Ltd

Indemnity form for MV Kingdom SZH1433E


You are about to embark on the above vessel, owned by Sip & Sail Pte Ltd as a passenger and/or guest.


I do hereby, for myself, my heirs, executors and assigns, indemnify and hold harmless the Owner, Skipper and Crew of the above vessel, or any other person who the said Sip & Sail Pte Ltd may appoint as skipper, against all and any of my/our claims, loss and/or damage which I/they may suffer or sustain during the proposed trip.


And without limiting the generality of this indemnity, I/We agree that I/we shall extend to and cover all and any claims and damages in respect of disability, injury, medical, hospital, delays, loss of income and los of property and whether or not such claims or damages arise from negligence or carelessness of the said VESSEL or The Skipper, or any member of the crew or passengers or guest whether arising onboard the said Vessels or not and whether arising on Sip & Sail Pte Ltd business or otherwise.


Dated this _______ day of _________________ 20___


Each person must sign this indemnity BEFORE you board any of our vessels.